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June 22, 2020

Over the last twelve months we’ve invested more in producing outcomes driven by our passion for digital. So we’re especially proud of the results this year, nabbing three national award categories at the 2019 Australian Web Awards over the weekend.

For Sydney cosmetics clinic, Contour, we combined a premium front-end and strong landing page fundamentals to target a specific niche audience with educative content. These efforts won us the Start-Up award ahead of some tough competition, including our own work for Ferox Advanced Vehicles.

The judges awarded us the Education category for the new Wesley College website. This project challenged us to wrangle the school’s vast volume of content and myriad student initiatives, resulting in a highly curated experience that encourages and rewards exploration.

Finally, the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail project saw a slice of WA’s fascinating history translated into an engaging digital journey. This outcome earned us the Innovation award plus a finalist placement in the Not For Profit category.

We developed a visual identity that was vibrant and lively to support each other’s brand image. We partnered with interior design team to provide a delightful ambience and environment for customers. Interior layout is made easier to take the bread easily and quickly, much more convenience. We designed powerful experiences to support the brand as a trusted authority in the bakery market.

Results were so astonishing, they immediately opened 2 new outlets and all outlets were revised according to the brand image. There are many new enthusiasts and liking the concept along with their shopping experience.