Creating ideas and experiences that can unlock new opportunities and new paths to grow.

Our Believe

Mahardhika teams believe the power of creativity and innovation will have positive impact for any brands. Since the beginning, our mission has been to help brands achieve a standard in order to compete with local and international brands.

Our Principals


Creativity is the key to build strong brand. What it takes to make brand standing out, is not a thought that can be generated within a day or two.


Building a brand is definitely a process. We never skip the right process to create brand that has a long-term relationships with client’s customers.


Diversity in our team background and knowledge will provide rich insights and ahead of thinking, to harness the power of brand for growth.

Effective & Efficient

By doing and working in effective and efficient way,
we can deliver more for less. It affects us to create
a positive impact in our working space.

Human Oriented Strategy

Our focus in one, to make life of human being better. We collaborate with the real people, in real time, to generate genuine and memorable brand experience.

Our Team

We are a team of creators, designers, thinkers and innovators that are preparing the best and yet reliable brand results. We let rich and thoughtful ideas flows into our process table and unite to solve client problems-it will gives our team the confidence to spark desire result.

Ronald Mahardhika

Chief Executive Officer

Gilbert Gunawan

Chief Operation Officer

Handoko Syah Putra

Graphic Designer

Our Clients

Having the depth in partnering with our clients helps us to make meaningful change for their business, products, services and customer experiences.

Creating a more meaningful brand

Working with Mahardhika Creative was very insightful, they help us to refine our brand to give more meaningful message to customers. We are satisfied with their creations.

Steven Sutiono, AER

Right branding to boost company’s spirit

From the color selection, delivery of messages with a design in accordance with the spirit of the company. It has succeeded in providing an increasingly professional atmosphere and a feeling of pride in the hearts of all employees and owners.

Ariel Wibisono, Pura Trans

In Partnership With

IT Developer and Consultant

Digital Marketing Agency